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Sail Channel Islands

Sail Channel Islands

Come sail with us this season. Go for a southern California coastal cruise for a couple of hours or sail with us to the Channel Islands for a couple of days. Do as much of the sailing as you like ... or learn to sail.

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2011-11-13 21:18:03
We had a fantastic time with Captain Dan, our fearless leader on one of the most well appointed and comfortable boats in the harbor. It was a great day of fantastic food, a *little* drink and whole bunch of kick-ass, salt-on-your-cheeks sailing! Highly recommended for those looking for and experience to share with friends.

2011-11-14 04:53:34
Having gone on many sailing adventures with Capt Dan & Bosen Dennis @ Sail Channel Islands I can tell you that it is an experience to have! Great sailing, amazing wild life, and the beautiful channel islands. Any time I go on a sailing adventure with Sail Channel Islands I feel safe, have fun, and gain very memorable sailing and life experiences.

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