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Sep 19

What you need to know about surfing-for beginners


Practicing and type of sport is very beneficial for your body and mind, not to mention that it represents a good way to spend free time. Surfing, for instance, improves balance and sleep, relieves stress, increases flexibility, strengthens the muscles and brings people together, among others meaning that you have all the reasons to give this sport a chance. If you purchase the adequate equipment composed of the board, the paddle surf and other accessories, learn some basic techniques that will allow you to stand up on the board properly and motivate yourself, then you will be able to catch the waves. Soon, you will join and share this amazing experience with other surfers.

The right paddle board

In order to choose the most suitable paddleboard, you have to understand the characteristics and the differences between each option. You can find yoga, fishing, racing, touring and surfing boards. Paying attention to the construction, material, size, weight and even additional accessories is very important. A short description of various paddleboards could help. Surf paddleboards are light and narrow, provide a high level of maneuverability to ensure quick turns for intermediate and advanced paddlers.  Therefore, they might represent a great challenge for a beginner. Touring paddleboards are longer, wider and obviously, heavier but this gives them a better stability. You probably already realized from the name, but racing paddleboards are the perfect choice for competitors or those who want to feel the adrenaline while cutting through the waves. Yoga boards give you the possibility to anchor so you stay in place and provide a longer and wider surface. In time, after you accumulate some experience, you could try all of these boards.

Awareness and safety

If you are a beginner in terms of surfing, it means that you are about to discover a new environment that will challenge the adventurer inside you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet professional surfers and learn certain advanced techniques from them. Nevertheless, you have to be aware that many dangerous situations could occur at sea and because of this, you must maintain your focus and make sure that you do not interfere with other surfers. For safety reasons, you must be attached to your board because if you fall in the water, your board will be carried away by the waves leaving you in a dangerous posture.

Skills required and helpful tips

It is fundamental to have some basic skills when trying to paddle surfing. Before you start catching the waves, you have to practice on flat water because this step will help you learn how to stand up on the paddleboard, how to hold and use the paddle and how to make turns. Do not consider the paddle should be handled the same way as your broomstick because this is a common mistake among beginners. One hand should be on the shaft and the other on the top. Do not use the muscles in your arms to take a stroke but those in your back. Your feet should be parallel and your shoulders width apart for a correct position.


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