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May 29

Volleyball rules

My opinion is that volleyball is a beautiful sport and one of the hardest sports. Why? Well, in volleyball, is not only needed to have force, but is also necessary to have a sharp mind to allow you to imagine and to take action in a fraction of a second, good reflexes are also important in these sport. Volley is the most popular sport in the world after football. Whether they watch TV to see the volleyball games or play the game themselves, people love it because it requires intelligence as well as athleticism. I love volleyball and that’s why I’m sharing with you what I know on it. So here are some of the most known volleyball rules.

A team is composed of 6 full players and 6 reserves and it is accompanied by a coach a second coach a masseur and a medic (for official competitions and international ones the medic must be approved by FIVB).  The coach can make any changes he desires during the game. He can give the order for a team member or for all team members to go ahead and play without wearing shoes, but this can not be done in official FIVB or international competitions.  A player is allowed to play with glasses or eye contact lens but it will do so at his own risk since accidents a re frequent in this sport.

When two teams are facing, their side of the field are separated by a grid (usually more than 2.40 meters high). As to score a point, the ball must touch the ground of the adversary team. If someone from one team hits the net with the ball, but this doesn’t fall on the ground, the game can continue. Another volleyball rule is that a team can keep the ball in their half of the field with only 3 hits.

The ball can not be hit more then twice by the same person and one aspect you should keep in mind when playing or watching a volleyball sports game is that when you block a ball it is not considered touching the ball so you still have the right to touch the ball. You can play in 3 or 5 sets, each of 21 or 25 points. If the score is 1-1 or 2-2 (in sets), the final set is played to 15 (like in a game like football semifinal, final or quarter final). But there is a catch. If the score is equal (20-20 or 24-24) the teams will play until there is a difference of 2 points between them.


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