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Jan 30

Useful tips beginner netball players should know


Doing any kind of sports is definitely good not only for your body, but also for your mental health and one very popular type of sport nowadays is netball. Improving blood circulation, toning your legs, helping you become more flexible and keeping you fit are some of the most important benefits that come with playing social netball in London. However, if you want to improve your gaming, you should definitely keep in mind these useful tips mentioned below in this article.

Get kitted out

One of the most important things that beginner netball players should take care of the moment they decide to take up with this sport is to ensure they have proper equipment. Wearing comfortable clothes and having high quality training shoes are essential aspects that believe it or not can make huge difference and help you hone your netball skills.

Do your warm up exercises properly

Before playing, it is mandatory that you do your warm up exercises accordingly. This will prevent you from getting injured during the game and from getting muscle soreness. Netball is known for being a notorious sport and there are high chances for players to get injured if they do not warm up properly before the game, this is due to the abrupt stopping and movement required by players.

Practise it by yourself

In order to improve your gaming skills, you should definitely consider practising it all by yourself when you have the chance. Draw some targets on the wall using a piece of chalk. Make sure they are at different heights so you increase the difficulty level and you can practise various passes. Also, remember to vary the distance between you and the wall every now and then.

Get in shape

Once you have decided to start playing netball it is essential to get in shape, since having a slim and fit body will allow you to move more freely on the field and to be more flexible when playing. You can start by doing some jogging for instance, as this will also increase your endurance.

Play netball in different positions

If you do not feel comfortable in the position you are assigned at first you should not worry about it, since not all players find their best role as soon as they start playing. Try out several playing positions to see which one best fits you.

All in all, these are some very useful tips that are supposed to help beginner netball players improve their skills.



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