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Jan 16

The Top Rated Rowing Machines of 2018

One of the best ways to tone your whole body and lose weight is to row. Indoor rowing has become very popular these days, and there are lots of people who choose this fitness activity in order to look great. If you decide to get a machine like this as well, you must see it’s ratings, compare it to other products and after that, you can figure out why it’s so appreciated among fitness enthusiasts. To limit your options, you can take the necessary inspiration from the following top-rated rowing machines of 2017.

Stamina air rower

This is one of the best rowing machines you could get these days. It is affordable, and it features a wind resistance, which will actually create a very smooth workout. Furthermore, it can easily be folded and stored in a closet, and thanks to the attached roller wheels, the Stamina Air Rower is a portable unit. The machine also features a monitor that provides speed, time elapsed, stroke count, and calorie count. It is very easy to use, and in a short period of time, you will definitely obtain the desired result. All in all, this wonderful fitness device is highly recommended, as it is a high-quality one.

Velocity CHR-2001 exercise magnetic rower

Another wonderful model in this category is the Velocity CHR-2001. This is a magnetic rower, which utilizes magnetic resistance for a quiet, and very smooth workout. The machine comes equipped with a programmable computer that has 12 programs that will keep your exercising varied for years. This computer will also provide data on strokes per minute and stroke count distance, time, calories burned, and pulse rate as well. Thanks to the heart-rate monitor strap, you will be able to see your pulse during intense cardio workouts. The Velocity CHR-2001 is a very durable fitness device, which will surely help you stay healthy and have a great body.

Concept2 Model D

This is actually one of the most popular air rowers that you will see at most gyms. It features the wonderful PM5 monitor that provides all vital data. Your workout performance can be displayed in 2 ways. You can either see your workout in total distance and time or as “splits”. Another great thing about this monitor is that it can actually calculate drag factor. This means that you will receive a true measure of your workout effort, even if other factors change, such as damper resistance adjustments. All these top-rated rowing machines of 2017 presented in this article will definitely help anyone stay healthy and have a well-toned body.


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