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Jun 29

Tips netball beginners should know about


Netball can be quite an enjoyable activity, and is certainly a great way to spend some of your free time. If you have given this sport more of your thought, and you are considering joining a local team of Social netball games in London or perhaps have already did, you are probably looking for tips on how to improve your skills. Although managing to master this game will take you some time, there are a few things that will help you as a beginner. Here are some of the most useful netball beginner tips:

Warm up well

One mistake that new players tend to make is starting to play without properly warming up. This can lead to potential inconveniences, such as sore muscles or even injuries. If you do not want to face any incidents, and thus perturb the game, make sure you always go through a strict warm up routine before each netball practice. The difference in your performance will be noticeable.

Playing in different positions

Because it will be impossible to decide on the best team role for you, if you have never played netball in the past, trying out different positions at first is recommended. This will help you see which style works best for you, and it can also improve your skills, and make you a versatile member of the team, when switching positions might be necessary.

Watch more experienced people play

This one is of course obvious. In order to pick up on as many moves and techniques as possible, watching others play will be necessary. You can attend games in person, or even watch some on the internet. Look at the players’ tactics and moves, and try to incorporate them in your game as well.

Have fun

As a beginner, you should leave your competitive side behind, and try to focus on having fun at first. Being a bit clumsy is only natural, so instead of tiring yourself and trying too hard, just let yourself have some fun, and improving your skills will happen naturally.

If you have recently joined a netball team in your area, or are planning to do so in the near future, knowing a few tips on the subject will certainly help you start out on the right foot. Although practicing is the ultimate way of becoming an excellent player, the other aspects mentioned will be extremely useful as well, and a valuable addition to the team. Therefore, make sure to keep each one of these details in mind.


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