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Jul 1

The Training to Become a Golf Instructor

Some people play golf for pleasure, some play it as a performance sport. However, some people fell in love with this sport so badly that they wanted to share its secrets with others too. Becoming a golf instructor implies being a golf pro and having teaching skills. From this, you only have to take a few more steps in order to find the right job for you.  With all these online recruitment platforms, searching for a job has become a piece of cake. One good example of such platform is, which is actually dedicated only to jobs in the golf industry. Here are some tips to help you become a golf instructor easier.

Golf certification programs

One of the first things you have to do in order to become a golf instructor is to attend some courses and gain a golf coaching or an instructor certification. The most popular organization in this case is PGA, which deals with training and certifying elite-level trainers that are able to coach golf to both beginners and professional players. It is worth mentioning that in order to become a PGA master instructor, you need at least eight years of both education and golf experience. There are other golf organizations too that provide certifications for those who want to become instructors, but they aren’t as popular or well known as PGA.

Golf experience

As it was previously said, a golf instructor needs to have vast experience in this sport in order to be able to teach others. This means that you need several years of experience playing golf at a high level in order to acquire the needed skills and to learn every possible move and strategy of this sport. In order to perfect your game, don’t be afraid to use helpful devices like a golf laser rangefinder that can help you minimize your handicap and improve your scores. This doesn’t mean that you are cheating but that you are doing your best to become a better player. You need to know very well all the rules of golf as well as have an understanding of how important nutrition and fitness actually is for golf players. You will be a role model for all your trainees, so make sure you provide a good example to them.

It is all about business

It is important to know that golf coaches are quite similar to consultants. After obtaining the needed certification, some of them prefer working as independent instructors, while others prefer operating at various golf facilities. There are numerous certification programs that also provide coaches courses related to operations management or the basics of golf business. Whether you will work in a golf facility or not, it is recommended to opt for a program that also provides such business courses.

What to do after becoming a certified golf instructor

As soon as you get that certification, it is important to look for a proper golf job. The number of online recruitment platforms has significantly increased in the past years, not to mention that some of them are specialized in specific domains and industries. This means that it is a lot easier to find proper golf jobs nowadays than it was a few years ago due to the internet. In case you want to work as an independent golf instructor, it is recommended to create a strong marketing campaign for yourself. Build a website, create accounts on popular social networks and post ads on various forums in order to let people know about you.


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