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Apr 12

The Dallas Cowboys

American football is the most popular and beloved sport in the USA. Although numerous teams strive to prove themselves as top competitors, there are a few selected teams that have already made a name for themselves. The Dallas Cowboys is one of the greatest football teams. They are known for their high figures revenues, their outstanding Cowboys stadium and their countless victories. In order to understand what defines such a strong team we must analyze the past as well as the present.

Football history
American football was born by uniting to major sports rugby and soccer. Since it’s birth in 1860 this sport has suffered multiple transformations. The initial round ball was exchanged with an oval ball. At first the ball could not be picked but you could guide it towards a destination by kicking it. This new exciting sport instantly appealed to the American people. Although at first the rules were unstable and ever changing, after a while an organized set of rules was created. Nowadays football has become the most popular sport in the USA. The Superbowl is the most watched sporting competition and few men ever afford to lose a game.

The Dallas Cowboys is the richest team in the National Football League. The reasons why this team is generating so much money are their constant victories. While other teams have their on and off seasons the Cowboys are a constant threat for the competing teams. So far they are the only team in the National Football league to have won 20 consecutive seasons. The Dallas Cowboys Schedule for this year is still unknown. Nevertheless fans have already purchased tickets to the first game and are getting ready to support their favorite team in the new season.

Team improvements
The upcoming National Football League drafts are bringing a lot of hope to the Cowboys who strive to finally be able to find a safety player. The team has been struggling to find a strong player that would be able to fill the hole that Darren Woodson left when he retired in 2004. The latest top safety choices include Kenny Vaccaro from Texas, Matt Elam from Florida as well as Eric Friend from LSU. One can only hope that the Cowboys will have some luck in this year’s draft and will manage to complete the powerful team with some top players.

The support of the fans
Over the years the Dallas Cowboys have won the respect and loyalty of their fans. Few fans manage to create such a supporting atmosphere on the stadium. One can’t help but wonder if the crowd’s cheering is the energy that powers the team and drives them towards countless victories. Furthermore the greatest tribute brought to the team is definitely the Cowboys Stadium. This is the best stadium in the NFL and one of the greatest in the world.


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