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Nov 10

Tennis Rules

First let’s talk about what tennis actually is and where did it all started from. The answer to these questions is quite simple, it is a sport that started in Britain in the 19 century and it was played at the beginning only by the rich people. The sport was developed by two friends by combining elements of two sports the rockets and the pelota. And so in the year 1884 one of the firs tennis tournaments was played.

The regulations issued by the International Tennis Federation are respected and applied by every national federation. The playing style is very different as there are different playing surfaces. The tennis game can be played on grass, on clay, on bitumen surfaces, coated with synthetic materials like plastic surfaces, or outdoor or inside.

Balls are of standard size, and there are being made special types: different weight, bounce and color.

Rockets can be chosen depending on the preferences of players, but their length is maintained between 63.5 cm and 69 cm, and weight around 400 g.

The net is made of woven nylon or rope, with very small mesh, a white band which separates the side and above it, is fixed at a height of 0.91 m from the center (this is checked by placing a rocket vertically and by placing another horizontally above the first).

The game is played between two players (singles) or four (doubles). The ball is sent into the other team\player side of the tennis field and if it is not returned in a regular manner you obtain a point.

Scoring is as follows: The first point is noted with 15, second 30, third 40 and with the fourth you get a game. The person who wins six balls with a difference of two games wins a set.

If the two\four players maintain an equal to 6 games, they will play a Tie Break, which will make the first player who gets to 7 points to win.

The competition is played by the best of 3 or 5 sets system (especially in men) and the best of three sets (women, children, junior).

As with any sport, a great coach will teach you how to and when to do a certain action that will get you a hard worked for win.

Learn playing tennis by playing a ball with the wall or wall workout, where you can apply and repeat the advice received from the coach.

If you like tennis, get the necessary materials (ball and racket) and sports equipment and seek associations and tennis clubs.


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