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Jan 19

Snooker Rules

This sport although is played mainly in the same way as pool it has completely different rules. The snooker balls are different in both size and color, most of them are red but there are a few exceptions. At the start of the match colored balls are placed on the points assigned to them on the table, and red balls are placed in a triangle pointing to the top end of the table and they are placed as close as possible to the pink ball without it touching them.

The basic idea of ​​the game is to introduce an alternative way for players to try to win by getting a total of points after each shot when a ball gets in a pocket. When not possible to insert a ball in a pocket the ball must be played in such a manner to offer your opponent a difficult position to shot at a ball (that is called a safety shot).Learning the game of snooker can be fun for those who already enjoy competing in pool or like playing other leisure games ranging from darts and shuffleboard to JackPotJoy bingo games or lottery and casino games.

To mark points a player must pocket first any red ball (any ball in any pocket red, shots hit the red balls are not announced). After the introduction of a red ball, the player must get any colored ball into a pocket (any colored ball in any pocket). If a single blow to the red ball will get into the pocket more than a single red ball, this one will be accounted towards the score as well, but the next blow will have to introduce only one colored ball, after which a blow to a red ball will have to be made. If you introduce a red ball in a pocket 1 point is awarded for each and for the colored ones the score is as follows: Yellow 2 P., Green 3 p., brown4 p., blue 5 P., pink 6 p., black 7 p. After introducing a red ball the colored ball that is going to be played will be nominated.

Red balls remain in the pockets and colored balls are put back on the table. If the ball point is occupied by another ball then that ball is put on the table in the free spot of the most valuable colored ball that time is not on its point or and left there until it can be placed on it’s original place. If all of the colored snooker ball points are occupied, then that ball is posted as close to the point of a colored ball or axis of the table to the mantle or head of the snooker table.

When a red ball is introduced in a pocket by a player, then this can play any colored ball. After the introduction of all the red balls, the colored balls must be placed in pockets, in a strict order, by their value in increasing order. After the introduction in pockets of all the red balls the colored balls that are being placed in pockets will not be placed back on the table again.


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