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Aug 3

Skydiving Safety Rules

When it comes to extreme sports, it is not all about the adrenaline. You also need proper training in order to avoid possible dangers. If you are tired of womens fitness and you want to engage in a more exciting adventure, there are a couple things you need to know. Though parachuting is also practiced as a sport, it is a lot more difficult and dangerous than womens fitness or mens basketball. Any mistake that you make can cost you your life therefore you need to know all the rules of skydiving.

For deployment of the parachute in security conditions the following skydiving rules must be met: The paratrooper shall know the parachute whit which is going to perform a jump to perfection and must also know the operating restrictions and the limits of his personal mastery of flight and to be able to let go any false pride, or stupid ambition otherwise is prohibited to go trough with the mission and perform the jump no matter the consequences. Any parachutist can commit an error in a bad situation, so that is way his attention, during the execution of a jump mission must be high.

Any event passes through the phase of assumption. The analysis of flight and parachute jumps must be rigorously observed because it is a scientific method to ensure the process of flight and jumping in the future. Security vs. jump is directly proportional to the value of investments and smart materials. Maintaining security of the entire jump is a permanent task of the aviation personnel. To ensure the security of the jump it is considered a mandatory skydiving rule to ensure that the element of professional competence regardless of training experience is meet.

Parachute folding.

Usually, as an unwritten skydiving rule parachute folding takes place in rooms specially designed for this purpose. Folding parachute on the field is allowed only when weather conditions are appropriate, i.e.: wind intensity does not exceed 7 m / s, humidity does not affect the parachute state.

In all cases, the parachute folding will only take place on folding tables. Folding on other surfaces is prohibited. The extent of a folding table over a field with uneven surfaces or tilted surface is also prohibited just as extending the table in a zone where can be find water, oil, etc.

Students or athletes that have performed only 25 jumps or less have their parachutes still folded by the instructors that have been assigned to them.

At the end of the folding operation, the one who completed this operation is obliged by the skydiving rules to register his name and signature under the date in which he folded the parachute stating that the job was done good.

It is forbidden to jump with a parachute which was folded more than 30 days before the jump.

Storage and transport of the parachute.

Storage and transport running only with parachute introduced in a protective bag.

Parachute storage room is done in specially designed, equipped with storage cabinets and shelves with protective curtains at the windows (windows painted blue). Another skydiving rule is to have the storage room temperature of the parachute be 16 º – 18 º C.


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