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Extreme Sports Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the most beautiful and spectacular extreme sports, is a defiance of gravity and requires more courage, experience and strength then other sports. The sport first appeared in New Zealand where it was patented by John Hackett Bungy Alan a New Zealand countryman. If you try to practice bungee jumping without […]

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National Hockey Rules

Ice hockey was created around 1800, in Windsor, where boys from the first college in Canada, “King’s College School,” adapted the game of Hurley (a game played on grass) on ice, the skating took place on the frozen ponds and have created a new winter game, “Ice Hurley” (Hurley on ice). Over decades, Ice Hurley […]

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Basketball rules

There are many rules in the international basketball FIBA that don’ apply in other leagues of basketball, like NBA (National Basketball Association), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association – League colleges in the United States of America), WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association – league founded by NBA). If you are one of those who are aspiring to […]

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Snooker Rules

This sport although is played mainly in the same way as pool it has completely different rules. The snooker balls are different in both size and color, most of them are red but there are a few exceptions. At the start of the match colored balls are placed on the points assigned to them on […]

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Tennis Rules

First let’s talk about what tennis actually is and where did it all started from. The answer to these questions is quite simple, it is a sport that started in Britain in the 19 century and it was played at the beginning only by the rich people. The sport was developed by two friends by […]

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American football rules

Known in the U.S. and Canada only by the term of football, American football is a team sport that combines strategy with physical play. The objective is to win points by advancing the ball into the opposing team field. American football is a contact sport. Some players are big and strong, while others are small […]