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Jul 28

Modern Technology to Achieve Sports Coaching Goals

Technology is slowly taking over all industries, and sport makes no exception. As much as we would like to keep certain areas of our life free of technologies, we have to admit that modern gadgets and tools can provide us with many benefits, and it would be counterproductive not to take advantage of these benefits. As a sports coach, you may think that there are not many ways in which you can use technology at work. However, we have some tech suggestions for you that will help you take your coaching to the next level.

1. Social media

Nowadays, everybody uses social media, and as a coach, there are many ways in which you can use it. For starters, you can use it to keep in touch with your team and your colleagues. Moreover, you can also use it to promote your club and the events at which your club will participate.

2. Digital scoring tables

Modern digital scorer tables are not just a fad for professional gyms. These devices provide numerous coaching advantages, as long as you invest in quality products. We recommend the Sideline Interactive digital scoring tables. They are durable and easy to use. They can be used to raise revenue for athletic programs, they are a great way to promote talented players during games, and they also come with a smart software solution that features different coaching tools. These devices can even play game videos, thus allowing coaches to use the game footage to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the team and of each individual player.

3. Analysis tools

In order to help your players improve, you need to analyze their performance in time. To do this, you will firstly need a good video camera to record games and training sessions. Moreover, there are certain software tools that you can use for accurate analyses such as Longomatch, Dartfish or Coaches Eye. Moreover, if your club’s budget allows it, there are also some modern gadgets that can provide useful sports analysis. For example, for basketball you have the Wilson X Connected Basketball. This is a sensor ball that tracks and records player movements. It sends the data to an app, where it can be viewed and analyzed by the coach. There are many other similar tools that can be used for tracking movements in sport. Such is the case of the Blast Basketball Jump Shot, Layup and Dunk Analyzer or the Blast Basketball Jump Shot.

4. Organizing tools

No matter what modern tools and gadgets you use to achieve your coaching goals, remember that organization is always the key to success. However, forget about your classic notepad, and keep all your notes and data in some Excel Spreadsheets. This will allow you to easily find useful information when needed, and it will also allow you to process different pieces of information to improve your coaching strategy.


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