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Nov 18

Making a big splash for your health


Swimming is ranked as one of the most popular sports-based activity in the world and for this reason a series of exercises has been designed specifically for being performed in the water. Regardless of your current fitness level, you too can adapt swimming to your workout routine and lose weight. Since most people prefer aqua exercises over traditional ones, it is no surprise that the Gold Coast gym is becoming more and more popular. You can exercise in water without the joint and muscle pain that usually accompanies regular exercise routines.

Why should you exercise in the water?

The reason why you should exercise in the water in the first place is that the water offers you protection for your joints. Doing exercise on land impacts your joints which would not happen if you would exercise in the water because there is no gravity to force the weight down to your joints. In addition to this, running is harsh for your body considering that every time your feet hit the pavement you send a shock throughout your whole body. By working out in the water you actually eliminate this shock and protect your joint from the impact. Why do you think athletes train in the water? The answer is that they are trying to recover from injury.

Losing fat

If you are interested in strengthening and toning your body, then you should consider swimming. Not only will you build muscle mass, but also burn body fat thanks to the cardiovascular effort you make. When working in the water the muscles are actually forced to work harder because you fight against the resistance. The extra pressure of the water pushes the blood towards the upper part of your body resulting in raising your heartbeat. Water aerobics in particular can improve both your physical and mental health because the environment help you deal with stress and at the same time relieve the tension in your muscles.

Are aqua exercises for everyone?

While ideally aqua exercises are recommended for those who are returning from physical activity. Older people can try them as well because water ensures better movement and flexibility as compared to what they would normally get from dry land exercise. In addition to this, people suffering from low back problems and new mothers can benefit from aqua exercises because the water will take the pressure off the spine. The bottom line is that you do not have to be an Olympic swimmer to get into the pool. Just think that diving into the water can make you feel better and improve your swimming technique.




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