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Dec 29

Lesley Visser’s Channel

Sports have always been one of humanity’s most beloved activities, whether it was done professionally, in sports competitions, or just in an amateur way, recreationally. Ever since the beginning of civilization, men have enjoyed sports competitions and practicing them would not only create a feeling of unanimity and identity, but also, when practiced by anyone, a way of keeping healthy and fit. However, up until recent times, sports were considered to be a realm for men only, whereas women were considered too delicate to practice it. But slowly, especially towards the 20th century, when society’s shape and ideologies were starting to transform and women were beginning to ask for more for themselves within this society, the bases of women’s sports were being set throughout the world.

Today, women’s sports is something well established and accepted socially and professionally and there are unmistakable and undeniable accomplishments that have proven women can reach impressionable levels of athleticism. Yet with all this the world of sports is still dominated by men, perhaps due to their wider spread interest in this. There are examples of extraordinary accomplishments brought on by women in this world and there are especially extraordinary women who prove time and again they can do the same jobs men do, perhaps even better. One such woman is Lesley Visser, a sportscaster and sportswriter who managed to impress with her skills. Those wishing to know more about her can find her on Lesley Visser’s channel.

Lesley Visser’s channel, found on YouTube and other social networks, but on the radio as well, brings you all the latest information in sports. Though you might be biased because she is a woman, LesleyVisser’s channel will not disappoint you because this sportscaster really knows what she is talking about and she is so good at what she does that she was the first woman in history ever to be asked to be an NFL analyst.

On Lesley Visser’s channel you will find analyses of NFL games, NBA games and she will talk about the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the US Open, or the World Figure Skating Championships. Women like Lesley Visser prove that gender is not important when it comes to understanding sports and she is an example and model to women worldwide, proving that they too can understand and enjoy sports just like men do, perhaps even more passionately in some instances.


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