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May 27

Keep these in mind when starting your weight loss program

If you are one of those persons who have always struggled with some extra pounds, you probably agree to the fact that no matter what method you have used, it seemed like everything was in vain. You only manage to lose two or three pounds in one month, which makes you think that you should just accept the way you look and quit any diet or sports program you have been into for this period. However, before enrolling in one of those weight loss programs in Modbury that many gyms put at people’s disposal, it is important to keep these things in mind.

Eat the right foods

The moment you start a weight loss program, it is important to make sure you remove sweets and any type of junk food from your diet. Even though you do a lot of exercise and go to the gym every day, the result will not be the desired one if you continue to have late meals and eat chocolate every hour. It is true that renouncing at these things will be difficult in the beginning, but you have to admit that you will not lose a single pound if you do not eliminate these foods from your diet.

Do not focus too much on cardio

Cardio is an important element of your daily workout, this is for sure, since it gives your metabolism a boost and keeps your heart healthy. However, if you focus too much on cardio and less on the exercises that actually burn your body’s fat, you will not benefit from the result you have always been dreaming of. It is worth mentioning that long cardio sessions performed every day can make your body store energy, such as fat, to make sure your body has enough “fuel” to sustain you on those 8-mile runs.

Do not put the body under too much stress

It is important to remember the fact that exercise acts as a stressor on the body. It is true that sticking to that healthy diet and going to the gym every day come with many benefits on your body, including burning that extra fat, but this does not mean that you have to overwhelm your body with tons of difficult exercises. Putting your body under too much stress leads to an increased level of cortisol, which is known as a stress hormone.

Take enough time to recover

It is highly recommended to take time to recover after doing too many exercises. The moment that afterburn begins to appear is the moment you have to change the type of exercises and work out other muscle groups. You have to let the worked muscle group recover after it has been worked intensely. If you do certain exercises that are supposed to work your entire body in one day, it is advisable to let the following day for stretching exercises, cardio sessions or even complete rest. This way, you give your body enough time to recover and you will be ready for the next exercise sessions.


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