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Jun 19

Is horse racing really a sport?

When it comes to horse racing, there are many debates if it is a sport or not. The fans of horse racing state that it is quite a sport, because it is truly exciting to watch in person. Watching the horses burst out of their starting gates, the grass and dirt kick up from their hooves and the jockeys whipping their rides hardly to win is what makes this sport really entertaining. There is no feeling compared with the one of watching a horse race and if you are a truly passionate, then you can use Assisted Matched Betting to make money out of your hobby. Horse racing is a combination of money-hungry competitive jockeys and powerful animals, and its main purpose is to entertain people. However, if you are not passionate about this sport, then you may not appreciate it too much, and not even consider it a sport. Well, here are some reasons why you should not put horse racing below the other sports people are obsessed with.

Horse racing is a real sport

The argument people use to say that horse racing is not a sport is similar to the ones used by people who do not like other sports, as baseball, racing or even football. The ones who have no idea what this sport implies, will not know that jockeys work hard to gain the body shape they need to face the race. Also, it is important for them to be fit, because they have to handle the adrenaline rush that comes during the race. And where you count that they have to control a four-legged beast. This sport has something for everyone, it does not matter if you are a fashion addict, here you can expose your outfits, or you like betting, and you want to place your money on the most powerful beast from the race.

Horse racing is not only for rich people

Yes, you have to be rich if you want to own a horse and pay the jockey to race on the horse. But, if you do not want to have your own horse, then you can still be a fan of this sport. It is the type of sport that you can afford attending in person, because it is not different from the Super Bowl from example. Moreover, if you want to bet on a horse, then you do not have to place your money on the favorite, because there are chances for every horse in the race to win, and you have to support your favorite, not the one of the other people. You have a shot your favorite horse to win, because every animal has his days.

Horse racing is a world tradition

One thing you may not know, horse racing is one of the most popular sports in America right now. But, the fact is that this sport is older than the other ones, because the ancient civilizations tamed and trained horses with the purpose to get in to competitions. Horse racing was included in the ancient Greek Olympics by 648 BCE. So horse racing is a sport with a rich history.


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