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Oct 22

Increase your passion for rugby

Rugby has become more and more popular over the last years. This sport is especially popular in Europe. If you are a rugby fan, then you have probably heard the words maul or line-out while watching a game, and you definitely know all the great and important rugby teams, such as British and Irish Lions. If you call yourself a real rugby fan, you surely look to stay updated with the team’s performances and evolutions, reading every big news about them. If you are impressed with such a team’s performances, then you have probably thought about learning a few moves yourself, and transform your passion into a hobby. You can follow a few rules and learn the basic moves of the sport, and this way you can enjoy playing a game of rugby with your friends in your free time.

The first step towards learning to play rugby

In order for you to be able to develop some rugby skills, the first and most important thing is to be a passionate rugby fan. You have to go all the important rugby matches, and analyse every detail of the game. Going to as many rugby games as possible will help you in more ways than one. If your favourite team is the Lions, then you should follow their every move. Reading as much information about the team, and going to their every game, will help your interest grow. A grown interest means your desire to learn how to play rugby will be heightened, and this way your results will automatically be better. So if you are serious rugby fan, keep yourself updated to every detail regarding the subject

Rules and actual game play

The main thing to know about rugby, which you probably already do, is that a match has the duration of 80 minutes and a 5-minute halftime. There is a receiving team and of course a kicking team. The game will officially start when the ball has been kicked. You can kick the ball only to advance on the field or when you have the ball on the ground. The passing of the ball has to be done only backwards, not forwards.  The players are of two kinds, backwards and forwards. You need to keep in mind that as a forward player you have to be stronger than the others, and as a backward player you have to be really fast. Therefore, you can choose the position depending on your capacities, what skill you think is more developed. You should also learn the penalty plays, if you and your friends are really into the game. After learning the few basic rules mentioned you can give it a try with your friends, and see how it all goes. If it seems a little too rough for you, then you can keep being just a rugby fan. You can end up knowing everything about this sport just by attending all the games, and reading all the news about your favourite team.


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