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Jul 15

Improve your game with the golf laser rangefinder 

It is widely known that those who engage in playing sports rely only on their skills. The truth is that athletes and ordinary people who play golf are very proud people and they will never admit the fact that they need help to enhance their performance or to cope with the pressures of the competition. But they should because the whole purpose of playing a game is to win. Competition is a great incentive for success and if you get some help on the way, why not. The first thing that immediately comes to mind when you see the golf rangefinder from is why you need it. Even those who are not actually low handicap players should try it and here is why.


How does it work?

Basically it can be defined as a type of machine that is used by both professional golf players and amateurs in order to measure the distance and to locate targeted objects. The advantage is represented by the fact that the laser rangefinder allows the user to calculate the distance to the hole and other areas of the golf course. The whole point to using the machine is to be able to look for yardage plates, in other words being able to calculate the yardages with as much accuracy as possible and the result are far more precise than those obtained with the help of a smartphone to calculate distances during rounds. The machine is so effective due to the fact that it relies on measurements realized of known points and in order to do this it does not need to chart the whole area like GPS based devices.

Easy maneuvering

Using the device is as easy as taking a swing. In the first place, you will be required to point the device towards the targeted item in order to determine the distance to the target. In golf, knowing how hard you need to hit the ball can be the determining factor to winning a game. This is the reason for which it is so important to be able to correctly determine the length of the shot to the green. By simply pulling the rangefinder’s trigger, you will be able instantly to get a view of each hole and find out the precise distance left from your cart to the landmark. This is due to the fact that the laser beam can target anything in a matter of seconds. For instance, the Bushnell Tour V2 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder has been specially designed so as to have an effective design and it can be manipulated easily owing to the fact that it is so small. In fact, the device is a binocular gadget that runs on batteries.

General features

The way in which the user interacts with the laser rangefinder varies from person to person and this may be visible in the game results. However, the device generally offers line-of-sight distance to the mark and it is capable of realizing different readings in the form of course scanning and flagstick focus. What is more, a rangefinder can provide accurate information on the slopes. The more advanced versions can even tell you which particular club to use based on the degree of inclination. For instance, the Bushnell Tour V2 Standard Edition has automatic scan mode and ranges up to 300 yards.

To conclude, you should definitely improve your game with the laser rangefinder.     


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