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Oct 4

How to create goal-scoring opportunities in 5-a-side


So, you’ve joined a 5-a-sdie football league. Good for you! Now you’ve got the opportunity to blow off steam after work and play football at a level that is right for you. However, you’re not like most people. While others play 5-a-side football for entertainment purposes, you play to win. You’re a competitive nature and you’re not willing to settle for anything less than a victory. What you need to do in this respect is enhance your goal-scoring opportunities. This is easier said than done. But it’s not beyond the limits of possibility. Continue reading to find out how you can score more goals.

Practice passing as much as you can  

Passing is a very important skill for those who join 5 aside football leagues London. What most people don’t know is that passing is the key to increasing goal-scoring opportunities. If every member of the squad gets the chance to pass, then you’ll be much more victorious. A high proportion of goals is scored from longer passing. Haven’t you ever seen FC Barcelona playing? Most of their goals come from passing. This doesn’t mean that you have to master tiki taka like the pros, just that you have to pass precisely and, of course, be willing to let go of the ball.  

Learn the art of the counter attack

The great thing about playing 5-a-side football is that there are fewer players. Basically, you get to touch the ball more and control what is happening. What do you do if the opponents occupy the penalty area? You counter-attack. In other words, you’ve got to go from defending to scoring a goal. Five aside football in London leaves plenty of room for counter-attacking, so you’re in luck. Keep one person further up the pitch and take advantage of the other players’ lack of attention. Never use all players. Make sure that one person is there to help with defence. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you actually have to invite the opposing team to attack. How else are you going to get them close to the centre?

Practice good body position

Before actually playing, you train with your teammates. This is the moment when you improve your skills and discuss strategies. While you’re at it, you might as well practice good body position. While it mightn’t seem like it, everything you do bears a great importance on the pitch. Consequently, positioning can and will affect the outcome of the game. You don’t have to remain in a certain position for the duration of the match. On the contrary, you have to adapt your body to the actions of the game. When it comes to positional play, you have to be able to strike the ball with both your feet, control the ball, and turn in both directions.

 Last but not least, it’s essential for you to identify a goal-scoring opportunity. The last thing you want is to get a red card. Pay attention and determine if you have a shot at winning.


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