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Dec 20

How can sports camps help shy children?


Believe it or not, being shy as a child can affect not only your childhood, but also the rest of your life, which is why it is best to solve this matter as soon as possible. If your child is shy, one of the best solutions to help them gain more self-confidence is to send them in a sports camp and one very popular choice is Camp Chikopi. Here are some very good reasons why you, as a parent, should consider this for your child.

They have the chance to make new friends

Although they spend several hours a day at school, some children simply cannot overcome the barrier of making new friends and they tend to isolate themselves, not to mention that in some unfortunate cases they can even become victims of bullying. By sending them to sports camps, they have the chance to spend nights and days next to children their age. It is commonly known that some of the best friendships start during nights in camps, since it is them when children have the chance to chat, share experiences and discuss about the activities they performed over the day in the camp.

They have the chance to engage in interesting activities

Most activities performed in camps are designed to make children work with each other as a team, thus teaching they how it is like to share and value everyone’s opinions, ideas and thoughts. They have to communicate with each other so that they obtain the desired results and they learn to appreciate both winning and losing while competing with other teams. This is a great lesson that helps them later in life as well and that can definitely make them overcome the barrier of shyness.

They gain new skills and increase self-confidence

As it was already mentioned above, sports camps are one of the best ways to help a child increase the level of self-confidence and self-esteem. What is more, they can actually gain new skills that can help them not only while in camp, but also in other situations they may encounter later in their lives and one very good example is related to public speaking. Many children, and even adults, are afraid of speaking in front of an audience, thinking that the moment they are in front of other people, the latter ones will start analysing every move they make and every word they say, so they start stumbling and cannot help getting lost in their speech. In environments such as camps, children learn that there is nothing they should be afraid of when it comes to saying something in front of an audience.

As it can be seen, these are some of the ways in which sports camps can actually help shy children overcome this barrier and be more confident in their own powers and strengths. If you are interested in sending your child in such a sports camp, you should start some online research right away and look for the best one in your region.



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