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Jan 4

Horse racing: a sport with history

When you think about sport, in general, you imagine athletes running around on a field, it could be a basketball or tennis court, maybe a football field. For some people, the idea of sport involves lots of effort. However, it is important to mention that effort comes in plenty of forms. For this reason, activities such as dancing or horse racing are considered real, challenging sports. Jockeys perform great effort, their work involves a lot of patience and only after gaining sufficient experience, in a relatively short period of time, can they say that success has been achieved. On a dedicated horse racing forum you should find all sorts of information regarding this activity, especially since this sport has a long history behind it. Here are a few details concerning this topic, details that might help you see horse racing for what it is, an elegant sport with history.

Old, strong roots


Horse racing might be a British custom, but truth be told, the roots of this sport are found in Central Asia, in nomadic tribes. Considering that these roots go as back as 4500 BC, it can be said that horse racing is among the oldest sports in the world, if not the oldest.


British frame


It may very well be that horse racing would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for the British people and their love for beautiful horses. Rest assured that all horses that race each other to the finish line are not only fast, but they are beautiful and extremely elegant. During the 12th century, returning from Crusades, knights would often race their horse as a demonstration of their strength. Charles the II also had a great love for horses and enjoyed seeing these marvelous creatures race to the finish line. He would often host events of this kind on his private properties.


A sport that could tear or build fortunes


Queen Anne, like many other British sovereigns shared a great love for horses, but in her time a change appeared in these races. Now, horses would not race for the beauty of the game, but also from the profit it could bring. Indeed during this time, the first bets on horse racings were placed and people started to understand just how easy money could be ether lost or gained. The rest is history.


There are all sorts of legends concerning this sport. What is sure is that this sport has strong and deep roots in the entire world, demonstrating the passion and enthusiasm it can give birth to.



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