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Apr 4

Formations to use in 5-a-side-football

We all know that in 5-a-side football it is necessary to play the game at a fast pace. However, the success of a 5-a-side game depends largely on the skill of your players, the most important factor in winning games. This massive factor in winning games comes from experience, food organization and of course playing smart. This is why you should think about tactics and formation that you and your team will use. Tactics are an essential part of your match strategy because they can transform your team into a competitive one that everyone else will want to avoid. If you are considering to enter your team in London football leagues, then you should find a range of formations that you and your team are going to use.

The basic principles

The choice of the best formation for your team depends to a large extent on the following factors: who you are playing against, what sort of players you have on your team and your fitness levels. First of all you should play with your head up. This basically means that you should look out for your team mates and move quickly and efficiently. The real good teams will look to close you down right away, so you will want to prevent them from kicking the ball and countering. Another skill that is essential that you and your team will need improve your passing skills. Last but not least, in football is essential to practice your first touch.

While someone is attacking, someone should defend

You will need someone to provide an attacking outlet and relieve the pressure from the defence.  The thing that you have to remember is that playing in depth is just as important as playing in width. On the other hand, you have to have someone committed to defending. You will frequently see teams that fall apart owing to the fact that there is not a dedicated player who stays back and keeping things tight in defence. All good teams know that you need a player in the team with this role.

Defensive formations

2-1-1 (The Counter): One of the most effective strategies that you can try is 2-1-1. This formation consists of 2 defenders, 1 midfielder and 1 attacker. This line-up tends to be more uptight because there are 2 defensive roles and this way it will yield fewer goals. It is very effective against stronger teams, especially when you use this formation with a counter-attacking style. They key to the success of this strategy is actually the midfielder position. He has a vital role in providing the link-up between the defence and the attacks.

3-0-1 (The Wall): This formation is ultra-defensive and it is recommend that you use it during periods of the match instead of as the team’s default set-up. With the help of 3 defenders and a single attacker you will not score many goals, but you will be able to protect the lead. The single attacker will have to play on the counter and he must be willing to take on attacking duties on their own.

Attacking formations

1-1-2 (The ‘Y’): The Y formation is very aggressive and should be implemented to maximize your goal-scoring opportunities, implement this formation with a pressured style, where you apply sustained pressure to your opponents in defensive phases of play to win the ball back as quickly as possible and as high up the pitch as possible, just like Barcelona.

1-0-3 (The Hail-Mary!): This one is to be used for a high-scoring match. Unless you are able to outscore your opponents, it is wise to use this formation for long periods of a match and you should mainly use the formation when chasing a game in the final moments of a do or die scenario.


When trying to decide on the formation that you and your team should use, you need to take into consideration the levels of experience, the skills and the fitness of your players. It is important to note that the strategies should be used only as a guide and implemented closely upon your team,



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