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Feb 29

Extreme Sports Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the most beautiful and spectacular extreme sports, is a defiance of gravity and requires more courage, experience and strength then other sports. The sport first appeared in New Zealand where it was patented by John Hackett Bungy Alan a New Zealand countryman.

If you try to practice bungee jumping without a proper instruction is very dangerous. Proper training is even more important than the equipment. Just like we’re now trying to improve how our vehicles affect the environment, as can be seen on green car news, so it is important to protect yourself while practicing a risky activity. Green car news help us find out about the evolutions in the industry of electric or hybrid cars, but we should pay even more attention when it comes to personal safety, not just that of the environment.


There are two major types of strings for bungee jumping cords one with a shell and those that are entirely made of rubber.

Shell cords, these strings are often called shock cords or MIL-spec (military specification since, they were designed to bind heavy equipment such as parachutes on jeeps, which they threw off the helicopter; the shock of the weight was absorbed by the cords at the moment of the canopy opening, preventing any damage to the parachute).

These cords have a core of gum, wrapped in cotton and / or nylon sheets. These strings look like bungee cords but only larger, this versions are used to catching a weight on the hood of cars, hence the name of the bungee.

The cords made entirely of rubber were made for the first time in New Zealand and they were designed specifically for bungee jumping. They are made up of over 1000 individual strands of gum tight all in a sturdy rope. Ropes made of full-gum stretch to about four times their length during a jump.

This results in less impact on the body during the jump, compared with shell cords. The lack of a shell cause less friction, therefore energy consumption is lower. Variations of this cord with elasticity less developed, the extent is reduced to approximately three times the length of the cord. This has an impact on the life length of the cord increasing it to 1,000 jumps compared with 400 jumps on the first version of the cord.


Chest and waist harnesses should be used for novice jumpers and short jumps. With the harness rope is tied very closely to the body center of gravity / rotation

Ankle harnesses enable the lowering of the head, and jumping for performance. It should be used by jumpers with little bit more experience. At the end of the jump when waiting to be picked up to the platform or to be left down on the ground, you’re hooked and brought to the position of Pogo.


This sport requires a lot of courage, endurance and last but not least mental will.

From the medical point of view bungee jumping is banned for any person suffering of: heart disease of any kind hypertension diseases of bone, muscle and joint stretching nervous system diseases paralysis, paresis, epilepsy, psychosis, diseases of the eye – myopia, myopia, degenerative, glaucoma, etc… also it is contraindicated to persons under the influence of drugs and alcohol or Pregnant women.


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