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Aug 22


One of the best options to control stress and maintain a good shape is to practice cycling. It can be practiced by children, adults, old, men or women, representing a way of relaxing. Cycling has many benefits and that is why most mens fitness programs include cycling as a cardio exercise. Specialized studies show that those who have a regular practice cycling along an improved physical condition and a positive mental state.

Like any physical activity, cycling induces the release of endorphins, “happiness hormones”. It was proved that regular practice of cycling at a moderate level (one hour per day, three days a week) can lead in only two months to improved sexual performance of men who can not use Viagra because of possible heart disease.

Cycling sport is considered an agreeable form of fitness. The body begins to burn fat after about 25 minutes of pedaling. Those with weight problem have to pedal at least one hour to obtain visible results; the intensity is to allow you to talk while you pedal. Generally, after an hour of pedaling rhythm mentioned burn between 400 and 500 calories.

A successful workout should follow these steps: ten minutes of easy pedaling heating, stretching a few minutes easy, 30 minutes of pedaling in a steady and sustained training, followed by 15 minutes of intense stretching. This type of exercise is thus appropriate not only for those who want to become athletes, but for those who want to stay in good shape as well; so instead of dreaming about vintage race cars that you’ll never have, you should invest in a bike and start taking daily trips around the park or something similar. It has been scientifically shown, as if it were not obvious, that riding a bike is much healthier than driving a car, where you basically sit and perform little movements with the hands and legs. Vintage race cars may be attractive and special, but all they do is leave a big hole in your pockets, whereas a simple bike will reward you tenfold.

Cycling is a good way to tone muscles in both arms, legs and thighs, groin, and to combat cellulite. It’s good to know that the practice of cycling is beneficial even if you are overweight, namely strengthening the immune system to the cardiovascular or respiratory, improving heart and circulatory system operation and prevent clots in arteries below. Cycling is recommended in the recovery of persons who have suffered a heart attack or heart surgery. Either you want to start a mens fitness program to get in shape or just need a cheaper way of transportation, cycling is the best option because it develops muscle strength and endurance.

Ost of you when you hear the word cycling your tot goes to the direction of the famous Tour de France and to the Giro og Italia. In recent years The Giro of Italia eclipsed the Tour de France in terms of the route and in particular its hardness. Even if Angelo’s Zomegnan replacement in the management of the Giro d’Italia has designed a course more human than the last edition, Il Giro this year promises to be more interesting than the Grand Loop, which will have many flat stages only 4 mountain stages.

Both races will start in other countries: the Italy Tour will start of in Denmark with a contretemps of 8.7 km from Herning and the Tour de France will start in Belgium with a prologue of 6.1 km from Liege.

The winner of this year’s Giro, Alberto Contador said he would focus on the Tour de France next year, although if he was to choose going by his soul he would go with the Giro d’Italia.


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