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Mar 3

CPR training: important for any coach

Being a real athlete with the chance of making a career in this field requires a great amount of work and dedication. The world of sports can be very demanding and not just for athletes. Coaches have a great deal of responsibility and work on their hands as well and they need to be prepared for what lies ahead. For this very reason, a lot of discussions on the necessity of CPR training for coaches have appeared. You might be surprised to hear this, but coaches are faced with situations that require CPR more often than one would thing. In the end, reaching real performance requires great effort and athletes have to struggle to achieve impressive results. Their hard work could turn against them at one point or another. A coach should properly instruct an athlete on how to fulfill all goals and for this he has to go through quite a bit of training. However, his first and most important concern should be the safety and health of the athlete. For this particular reason, the question of whether or not CPR training is necessary has raised.

One has to ask himself what CPR can offer. Apart from the obvious answer, that may very well make the difference between life and death, one has to understand that such training can provide the coach rapidity in reaction. When you see an athlete collapse, you, as the coach have only one option, if you are unaware of CPR procedures and that would be to call the ambulance. By applying CPR in real time, you could save a human being, giving him a second chance to fulfill his dream. Looking at things from this perspective could make you say that CPR is should be mastered by all individuals, not just coaches. Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking and nothing more. However, in the case of coaches, it should be seen as a real necessity and the correct measures should be taken in this regard. Although there is no legal requirement that forces coaches to go through this type of training, CPR should be perceived as a social obligation.


Trainers, who truly understand the importance of CPR can take on such courses on their own, without being legally asked. There are plenty of organizations that conduct such training to all individuals who want to learn. As long as an athlete is dedicated and gifted and not mention healthy, there should be nothing stopping him or her from fulfilling a successful career. The coach should be at the side of the athlete at all times and for this reason, CPR should be mastered by the trainer. Try to treat this decision with the importance it deserves, because there may very well be lives at stake. Keep in mind that all sports that are practiced at such a high level do constitute a risk. For instance, basketball is thought to be sport that carries the highest risk of all. Therefore, when deciding to be a coach, try to be there for your athletes from all points of view and not just professionally. Watch over their careers as well as lives.


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