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Jan 12

Common excuses for not going to the gym

Getting in shape requires setting some goals and making sure you accomplish them. However, obstacles are present everywhere and instead of dealing with them, people will most likely come up with excuses. Why do they come up with excuses? The answer is simple: people want to relieve themselves of the guilt of not doing something. When the justifications start to add up, they ultimately disempower you. So, stop coming up with alibies and do something. Many healthcare facilities even offer gym child minding services. Fitness excuses do not ensure your survival, but they rather do you harm. Looking closely at the most popular excuses will show you that they are all nonsense.

  1. I have to look after the kids

The most common mistake that women make is taking too much care of their children. As long as your child is not one week old, he can manage just fine without you. The fact is that children do not enjoy parenting very much, not to mention that they are unlikely to follow the advice of someone who does not follow their own. However, if there really is an issue, then you can take your child with you. Many healthcare facilities provide great environments for children. While they play, you can do your workout.

  1. I have a million other things to do

The most common excuse of all is the lack of time. However, you are not the only one who is required to work or is committed to a relationship. A classic workout does not take up more than 30 minutes of your precious time. If you can spare time to watch TV, then you can spare some time for your health too. When it comes to your significant other, you should try explaining how important it is for you to meet your fitness goals. Maybe you should try inviting your partner to go to the gym with you once in a while.

  1. I don’t like training alone

When people say that they don’t have anyone to train with they actually mean they don’t have anyone to talk with. It is no secret that many people go to the gym to socialize and not to exercise. If you seriously interested in working out, then you don’t even need to talk. The exercise will not leave you time to engage in friendly chit-chats.  Having a partner is helpful, but you will find the partner at the healthcare facility.


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