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Feb 12

Basketball rules

There are many rules in the international basketball FIBA that don’ apply in other leagues of basketball, like NBA (National Basketball Association), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association – League colleges in the United States of America), WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association – league founded by NBA). If you are one of those who are aspiring to become the best basketball athlete. I will present the most common rule differences between the NBA basketball and international basketball. I will cover only the rules that affect the game to a greater extent.

Things are longer in the NBA

The three-point line is measured from the center stack in the NBA is off with almost 1m (7.24 m from 6.25 m in international basketball). Often you can see the U.S. players moving even further from the international basketball 3-point line and throwing from there. They are used with the semicircle of the NBA, and probably have some specific guidelines after which they focus on the field.

NBA players are accustomed to play more (48 minutes) due to the quarter-length 12-minute game in American League. Therefore, the U.S. team has added stamina (which may be crucial, especially in the last quarter), because their opponents only have to play for 40 minutes normally in a match.

Also the field length is slightly larger in the NBA (28.65 m) compared to the international basketball rules where this has (28m), but this does not affect much the game. This difference appeared, probably because of the differences in measurement units (ft U.S.), the Americans wanted to be exactly 94 ft long. Despite the fact that professional athletes have a certain equipment when they are playing, that is not necessary when you practice. However you should wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move and stretch comfortably. Usually mens fitness clothes work just fine but you should give extra attention to your shoes.

Rule differences in the NBA and basketball game internationally.

American players sometimes stop to play and go back in defense if the ball passes over the panel. This is because the NBA game rules say that the game should be stopped in such situations. In the international matches, etc. Euro league, The game continues if the ball does not touch any part of the panel.

In international basketball the rules state that the players are not allowed to ask for timeouts. Only the coach is allowed to ask for a timeout. This has available two timeouts in the first half, 3 in the second half, and one for each extension (OT) to match. In the NBA things get complicated. There are two types of timeouts: normal (60 sec) and 20 seconds. Are given for all six regular basketball game and two overtime period, but still give, and one of 20 seconds for each half and each extension period. It can take only three timeouts in the 4th quarter. An interesting rule, more recently introduced in the NBA (2007-2008), is that if a team has 2 or 3 regular timeouts in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter or extension they will change in one normal and one for 20 seconds. Thus neither team has more than two timeouts in a final match.

The number of fouls that you can commit in an international match shall not reach 5. NBA Players / United States players are affected in large part because the American league rules allow six fouls. If you are interested in this sport you should know that the best way to improve your skills is to practice as often as possible. Though certain skills can be practiced alone, it is only within a team that you can master this sport. So if you want to become a basketball player you need to form a team or join a league. Don’t forget to wear proper equipment such as mens fitness clothes and sports shoes.


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