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Mar 2

An Introduction to Golf Equipment

Are you a first time golfer? If you are, then you should know that in golf, as it happens with every sport, equipment can make a huge difference. Sure, you have to be talented and motivated, but without the right tools to help you, all your ambition can go to waste. Unlike other sports, such as football or tennis, golf is somewhat more complicated when it comes to equipment, because there are so many things you need, such as quality clubs or the best swing analyzer.  Here is a short introduction to golf equipment and what items you really need to succeed.

Golf clubs

Obviously, you should start by looking for high quality golf clubs. Buying your first set of clubs can be a mind-opening experience, so take some time to research all the options. The first rule for beginner golfers is not to overspend. There are many premium brands that offer high-end items, but, unless it’s your dream to become the next Tiger Woods, you should refrain from spending a lot of money in the beginning. In fact, you can even start by purchasing a set of used golf clubs and if you like the sport you can proceed to buying new ones. Next, there are two major composition options: steel, which is stronger and cheaper, and graphite, which is more expensive, but lighter. We recommend the graphite ones, because they produce more speed.

Golf rangefinders

Gone are the days when golf rangefinders were purchased only by pros. Today, brands such as Bushnell offer a wide range of affordable, entry-level rangefinders that help beginners assess their performance, calculate distances and reduce the time wasted between shots. There are two major rangefinder types that you can choose from: laser and GPS rangefinders. The answer depends on your usual golf course and the weather in your country. Laser rangefinders are more accurate, but they fail to pinpoint the location unless the weather is clear and there are no obstacles. GPS rangefinders can provide accurate results even in bad weather conditions, but your golf course needs to be in their database.

Golf balls

Golf balls for beginners are the easiest piece of equipment to buy. Forget the brands that professionals swear by. As a beginner, $1 balls are your safest bet and there are two reasons for that. First of all, you will lose them a lot, so there’s really no point investing in expensive balls and secondly, they have a special design that makes them easy to use for beginners. Also, consider buying X-Outs. These are balls that have minor manufacturing flaws and that have the brand name crossed out. Most of the time, the flaw is cosmetic and you can use them without problems.

Golf swing analyzers

The rangefinder is not the only gadget that you can find on the golf course. Beginner players can profit greatly from the use of the best swing analyzer. Such a device is usually mounted on the golf club, and it calculates the parameters which define the mechanics of your swing. This data is later sent to your smartphone, along with instructions on how to improve your swing.

Last, but not least, you have to think about golf apparel and this doesn’t depend on your level of experience. We recommend using high quality T-shirts and vests, as well as comfortable waterproof shoes, because you will do a lot of walking on the golf course. Don’t forget about the golf bag either – it should be durable and have soft straps that don’t hurt your back. If you want to receive numerous useful golf playing tips and have access to the best golf instruction articles, visit On that website, you will find all the information necessary for improving your golf skills as well as useful advice on picking the best equipment.


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